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In just 3 steps you have your own udoq configured.

  1. Select one or more brands, click on your mobile devices in the selection list. You can change your choice of brands at any time. When all mobile devices are selected, click on “Proceed to color selection”
  2. Now choose which color yours udoq should have. Our system knows which colors are available in our warehouse.
  3. In the last step you can decide whether we will pre-assemble your connections or adapters or whether you want to do it yourself in your own order. If you select WALL MOUNT, you can attach each rail directly to the wall without wobbling.

In the video you can see how easy it is to create your own using your mobile devices udoq put together All connections, adapters and the power supply are automatically selected and saved in a list. With a click on “Add to shopping cart” your configuration is saved as a set in the shopping cart.

You can tidy up and charge devices such as smartphones, tablets, iPhones, iPads, eReaders, AirPods, Apple Watches, power banks, etc.
The interchangeable ones Connections by udoq fit for every mobile device. udoq grows with it and offers old and new devices a central filling station for electricity.

Since all connections and adapters are movable and interchangeable, you can exchange them in just a few simple steps. This is also described with pictures in our instructions.

  1. Remove the side caps with the udoq At work.
  2. Open the CABLE BOX, loosen the USB cables and disconnect the USB connectors.
  3. Now slide the relevant connection(s) or adapter out of the side udoq out. Make sure that the USB cables from the CABLE BOX slide easily into the RAIL.
  4. Only pull the relevant cable completely out of the rail and remove the connector or adapter.
  5. Tip your udoq backwards and slide the new USB cable into the RAIL until you can see it through the bottom mounting hole and push the connector from the bottom up into the CABLE BOX and pull the CABLES along.
  6. Slide the new connector or adapter back into the rail, followed by the other removed connectors or adapters, and pull the USB CABLES along.
  7. Plug in the USB plug and test the charging function.
  8. Replace the side caps and close the CABLE BOX.

  1. Choose in Configurator the brands of your mobile devices. Select your mobile devices from the list. Your mobile device will appear on the udoq and the appropriate connection cable is selected. To select the WIRELESS ADAPTER, select your device with the addition “WIRELESS ADAPTER”.
  2. Choose the color of yours udoq.
  3. Select “Assembly” when we put the cables in the udoq should insert. if you your udoq want to mount stably on the wall, choose the WALL MOUNT .

Put your configuration in the shopping cart. For another udoq to configure, restart the configuration.

In this Video the steps are described exactly.

All Apple Products and almost all Android, Blackberry, Symbian or Microsoft mobile devices can be used on the udoq.

The movable charging plugs from udoq allow the connection of almost all smartphones, tablets, e-readers, power banks and headphones such as AirPods.

Your devices should not exceed these dimensions.

udoq Ladestation

udoq can clean up and charge as many mobile devices as you like. The total width of the devices you want to charge at the same time gives the length of the udoq .

With, for example, two 5-SLOT CHARGERS in the CABLE BOX M on the back of udoq Up to 10 mobile devices can be charged at the same time. Each mobile device is individually supplied with 5V and up to 2,4 A and therefore charges very quickly.

Each udoq can with any connections be equipped:

  1. L cable (Apple Lightning to USB)
  2. L-PD cable (Apple Lightning to Power Delivery (USB-C)
  3. C cable (USB-C 3.1 to USB)
  4. C-PD cable (USB-C to Power Delivery (USB-C)
  5. MAGNETIC ADAPTERS (Apple MagSafe to USB)
  6. WIRELESS ADAPTERS (QI wireless charging to USB)
  7. APPLE WATCH ADAPTER to load everyone Apple Watch Models
  8. M cable (Micro USB B 2.0 to USB)
  9. T cable (Apple 30-pin (for old Apple devices) to USB)

All ports are powered by one of our USB chargers.

Your CONFIGURATION and the BESTSELLER include depending on udoq Model the optimal combinations connections of CABLE BOX S or CABLE BOX M with one or two of our chargers. Depending on which connections are required, the right variant of chargers is selected.

  1. After removing the side cap, the cable is first pulled through the udoq Rail pushed into the KABEL BOX
  2. Then the ADAPTER is simply pushed in from the side. Pay attention to the guide hooks on the back of the adapter and do not pinch the cable when inserting it.
  3. The ADAPTER A can be connected to any USB socket. However, the charging time will be slightly reduced if they are connected to a QUICK CHARGE USB jack. Our 5 port USB charger offers a QUICK CHARGE USB socket.
    1. Open the two screws of the small cover with the udoq Tool (Torx 10).
    2. Press the round base of the original “Apple Watch “Magnetic charging cable” with the magnetic side first in the APPLE WATCH ADAPTER and place the cable in the designated channel. Hook the cable to the bottom end of the adapter.
    3. Screw the cover back on (with care) with the two small screws.

    Now first slide the cable and then the adapter sideways into the udoq a. Do not pinch the cable when inserting it!

    User manual as PDF

After the udoq is tilted backwards, the cables can simply be pushed in and routed backwards through the opening.

After peeling off the side cap, flip that udoq backwards. push the udoq Cables or adapters into the profile from one or both sides until you can pull them out through the top or bottom opening. First plug the connection cable of the mains charger into the CABLE BOX. Then pull the USB cables into the CABLE BOX. Position the charging plugs for your mobile devices and make sure they can be moved freely. Now connect the connection cable and the USB charging cable to the charger and place them in a corner of the CABLE BOX. Gather the USB cables and put them in the CABLE BOX. put the lid on the CABLE BOX;

All ports of udoq are powered by our 5-PORT CHARGER . The 5-PORT CHARGER is located in the CABLE BOX S on the back of the udoq.

If you want to use your own charger or plug the connectors directly into the computer, we recommend the connectors labelled “long”.

The CABLE BOX S has internal dimensions of 200mm length x 65mm width and 42mm depth to accommodate 1 USB charger. the CABLE BOX M  has internal dimensions of 300mm length x 65mm width and 42mm depth to accommodate 2 chargers. Other USB chargers can also be used as long as the dimensions do not exceed approx. 65 mm wide and 30 mm thick.

Check if the port openings in the protective case are larger than the dimensions.

udoq Ladestation max thick

The WIRELESS ADAPTERS charges compatible smartphones even with protective cases with a wall thickness of up to 3mm.

The CABLE BOX S has internal dimensions of 200mm length x 65mm width and 42mm depth to accommodate 1 USB charger. the CABLE BOX M  has internal dimensions of 300mm length x 65mm width and 42mm depth to accommodate 2 chargers. Other USB chargers can also be used as long as the dimensions do not exceed approx. 65 mm wide and 30 mm thick.


Except for CABLE BOX S or CABLE BOX M  you can connect any USB charger to our Connections plug in or connect the cables directly to a computer. For this are L CABLE longC CABLE longM CABLE long, and T CABLE most suitable, as these are easier to connect with a length of 150 cm.

Our development is currently focused on Samsung, Huawei, Garmin and Fitbit smartwatches, but we can’t say when these adapters will be available yet.

There is still the option of simply pulling the smartwatch’s USB charging cable into the rail, connecting it to the CABLE BOX and leading it out to the side next to the side cap. Even so, all cables are hidden. A conversion to one of our adapters is then possible later at any time.

Since the USB-C standard with and without Power Delivery (PD) is preferred by almost all manufacturers, we will also rely on USB chargers with USB-C (PD) connections in the future. PD is a USB-IF standard that is used worldwide and across platforms.
Quick Charge is a proprietary system from Qualcom that only works on devices with Qualcom Snapdragon processors and therefore for most Apple Devices are incompatible.

If available, we will list your mobile devices with the different charging options in the Configurator with the appropriate designation.

You have the choice of your iPhone 14 Pro either by MAGNETIC ADAPTERS (Apple Like Safe) with the standard  Lightning cable, with Lightning PD (Power Delivery) or with a WIRELESS ADAPTERS (QI (wireless but not magnetic)) charge. The corresponding adapter and the charger with the right connection are automatically taken into account in the selection.

We do not list mobile devices that are compatible with Quick Charge separately, as the number of mobile devices and their variants in terms of compatibility cannot be represented with reasonable effort. However, our chargers 3C1A, 1C4A, and the 5-slot charger have at least one USB Quick Charge port with max. QC 3.0, which you can use to charge a QC-compatible device faster.

Use with the CABLE BOX S or CABLE BOX M can Connection cable labeled “short”. So there is more space to stow the cables.

After all the connection cables are installed and through the opening in the udoq were led, the CABLE BOX S or CABLE BOX M simply plugged in. The cables are connected to the USB charger and the cable box is closed.

In the CABLE BOX S fits one our our USB chargers or chargers, no larger than 200 x 65 x 42 mm.

The CABLE BOX M can two our udoq Include USB chargers in any combination. From the udoq Length 400 (400mm) can die CABLE BOX S or the bigger one CABLE BOX M on the udoq to be attached.

To disassemble, please unlock the front wide hook on the cable box from the bottom of the udoq.

The mobile devices regulate the required charging current completely independently. It doesn’t matter whether you use this udoq or plug it into another USB power supply.

This is the only way the device can always keep its very sensitive battery under optimal voltage.

How much electricity is required udoq on standby:

If no mobile devices are connected or if all mobile devices connected are fully charged, the power supply switches back to standby.

Depending on the brand, the standby consumption of the power adapter is around 0,1 to 0,6 watts. The company ANKER cuts here in Test excellent off.

The consumption of various power supplies was in this Test approved.

Cost of power consumption of the power supply in standby mode per year:

Power pack with a consumption of: 0,50 watts

Duration: 24 hours a day
This consumption takes place on: 7 days a week
Electricity price: €0,28 per kWh
Consumption / year: 4,37 kWh       
Costs / year: €1,22

The power adapter also consumes a proportion of 0,6 to 0,9 watts when charging the mobile devices.

The use of udoq is not crucial in this context.

Due to the flexible use and the possibility udoq constantly adapting to changing mobile devices instead of buying a new docking station udoq In the overall calculation, it is definitely the cheapest alternative for organizing your mobile devices.

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets independently regulate the necessary power supply provided by the chargers in order to optimally charge the sensitive battery. Apple even offers the “Optimized Charging” function to ensure that the battery is not charged to 100% in a gentle manner and adapted to usage habits.

Depending on the charging technology (LightningLightning PDUSB-CUSB-C PDWIRELESS or MAGNETIC ADAPTERS (MagSafe) or Quick Charge), mobile devices can communicate with chargers to continuously optimize the charging process (variable voltage (V) and current (A)).
A mobile device without PD properties (Power Delivery) also charges on a USB-C PD or Lightning PD connection without problems or risks with the standard power supply (5V, and up to 2,4A).


Here you will find our operating instructions ready for download


Here you will find solutions and tips for possible problems

Since the connections can be moved in the udoq are stored, they can move somewhat in all directions. This is intended by us and reduces loads on the charging plugs.

If only one particular port isn’t charging, you’re probably using a protective case and the connector plug is too short to reach the charging port. Adjust the connector plug upwards.


  1. Remove the side caps, open the CABLE BOX S and give the relevant cable some length.
  2. Slide the desired connector out of the side udoq Rail.
  3. Open the adapter that holds the connector plug by pressing the two tabs inward,
  4. The charging connector can now be moved up to 4mm in 8 steps to compensate for protective covers that are up to 8mm thick.
  5. Press the adapter back together before inserting it into the udoq put in

Check that the openings in the protective case are larger than the dimensions shown below.

If the charging socket of your mobile device is not in the middle, you can use the UNIVERSAL SUPPORT straighten. This is simply in the udoq RAIL plugged in. The small support plate can be adjusted in height using a thread

universal adapter

Please check in this order:

Is the charger connector plug on the back of the udoq plugged into the socket?
Open the CABLE BOX S and draw this 5-SLOT CHARGER something out.
Check that the angled connector on the charger is fully inserted.
Use an alternative charging cable and your mobile device to verify that the charger is working.

We are happy if you give us a hint [email protected] send, then we will record the missing model.

The larger models in particular consume a lot of energy with many active apps and applications (WLAN / Bluetooth) and an active screen. Our 5-fold USB CHARGERS delivers the maximum of current USB chargers with 5V and 2,4A.

Solution A:

  1. loading per USB-C: With our PD CHARGER (USB-C with Power Delivery) you can charge iPads at the highest possible speed.

Solution B:

  1. Enable hibernation: As soon as the iPad goes to sleep and the screen also turns off, the device uses less power and charges faster.
  2. Apps deactivate: Above all, apps that are constantly updating require electricity.
  3. WLAN / Bluetooth deactivate: Both wireless connections require power.

The development of
udoq and marvin

udoq was developed, patented and designed by Marcus Kuchler in recent years. The personal need to bring order to the chaos of charging cables and power supplies for all of the family’s mobile devices was the trigger for the development of udoq – a simple, flexible and sustainable universal docking station for smartphones, tablets, music players and e-readers of all brands and generations. The popularity and demand are now accelerating the development of further components and accessories, so that innovations and improvements are constantly coming onto the market.

udoq made in Germany

In each quarter there is at least a new product with DNA by marvin

Marcus Kuchler and his product design company marwin have been advising leading international companies on the development and design of their brands and products since 1990. Designers and engineers with a wide range of specializations oversee around a hundred projects in a wide variety of industries and technical disciplines. They form a creative and efficient team to create innovations and timeless classics.

Analyzes, ideas, sketches, presentations, functional models, 3D data, renderings and design models leave the Munich studio every day.


udoq was invented and developed in Germany. udoq is a registered trademark. udoq is patented in EUROPE (EU 2776898), USA (US 9371959B2), JAPAN (JP 59023 09) and CHINA (CN2012 80066666.6).

Press Reports

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